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New North American Factory Adds State-of-the-Art Laser

Amada Laser

Garaventa Lift is proud to announce that they have purchased and installed a brand-new Amada Laser Cutting System for their North American manufacturing facility. The initiative is part of their program of continuous improvement in all of their facilities worldwide. This new laser system dramatically improves Garaventa’s speed, accuracy, and capability. In addition, they have retained their existing laser cutting machine for small batch runs and custom parts.

The new laser system is comprised of three components: a laser cutting machine, a nitrogen generator, and an automated sheet metal storage and loading machine.

The laser cutting machine features automatic laser beam adjustment to efficiently switch between thinner materials and thicker materials without requiring additional setup. This high-speed fiber optic laser cutting system has the ability to cut sheet metal up ten times faster than our existing CO2 laser cutting system.

Attached to the laser cutting machine is a nitrogen generator that efficiently generates nitrogen from the outside air, reducing costs and improving the quality of each cut by reducing oxidization.

The fiber laser machine is also connected to a fully automatic sheet metal material storage system with automated loading and unloading capabilities. This gives Garaventa Lift the capability for extended, uninterrupted production runs. The storage and handling of the raw material for the laser is part of an integrated solution, providing increased productivity with reliable and orderly material storage.

“We are very excited about this investment. It makes us much more efficient and allows us to manufacture more parts ourselves. That means that we can make very high quality parts in a shorter amount of time. We will be able to shorten our product lead times as a result,” says Pat Murphy, Operations Manager of Garaventa Lift North America.

The new fiber laser machine, nitrogen generator and the material storage system are now completely installed and functional. With this investment, Garaventa Lift continues to improve the product quality and level of service offered to their customers.

Garaventa Lifts and Home Elevators are available in all major cities around the world. To find out more, please visit them at Also for 2019, an Elvoron Home Elevator by Garaventa Lift has been selected for inclusion in the New American Remodel Home, a beautiful show home associated with The International Builders Show, being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 19th to 21st.


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Garaventa Lift is a global company that designs, installs and maintains individual custom lift solutions for commercial and residential applications. The roots of the company date back to 1928, when Garaventa pioneers built their first cable car in the Swiss Alps and founded the company.

Today, Garaventa Lift has grown into a global market leader thanks to innovative design, product functionality, and overall quality and safety. Lifts are installed and maintained in over 100,000 private homes and public facilities such as office buildings, places of worship, universities and train stations.

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Amada Laser
Amada Laser
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