Garaventa Lift Group Products

The Garaventa Lift Group is a privately-owned organization with manufacturing facilities in three continents and service centres around the world.

We manufacture a wide range of wheelchair lifts , including inclined platform lifts , vertical platform lifts and portable wheelchair lifts for people with disabilities.

We also manufacture residential elevators , compact LU/LA elevators and supply evacuation chairs .

We are involved with all aspects of the lift industry; We develop and manufacture new products and then distribute them globally.

We also operate many retail contracting operations where we sell, install, and service our own products as well as products made by other industry leaders.


Home Elevators

Garaventa Home Elevators are sophisticated elevating systems designed specifically for use in private residences. The system fits within a vertical elevator hoistway connecting the floors to be serviced. Garaventa Home Elevators have many standard features and options, ensuring an ideal design for your specific application.

LU/LA Elevators

Garaventa Limited Use Limited Application (LU/LA) elevators are compact, stylish and modern. Sliding elevator-style doors give our small elevators the look and feel of a full-size commercial elevator for a much more economical price. The use of LU/LA elevators is restricted by local authorities. Please contact us for further information regarding the use of LU/LA Elevators in your area.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Like small elevators but much less expensive, vertical platform lifts can be located either indoors or outdoors. Garaventa Vertical platform lifts can be provided as a complete self-contained system with their own matching enclosures, they can fit inside a vertical shaftway constructed within a building, or they can be an open style lift. The use of vertical platform lifts is restricted by local authorities. Please contact us for further information regarding the use of vertical platform lifts in your area.

Inclined Platforms Lifts

Inclined platform lifts are suitable for both public buildings and private residences, indoors or outdoors. There are three models to choose from. The Xpress II and the X3-R models are capable of serving two landings over a single straight flight of stairs. The Xpress II is intended for commercial use and the X3-R is designed for residential use. The Artira model is capable of serving multiple landings and can travel over flat landings and around corners. These versatile products fold up when not in use, requiring minimal space.

Seat Lifts

Seat Lifts , also known as stair lifts, are a safe, reliable and affordable way for homeowners to overcome issues they may have with going up and down stairs. They are available for straight, curving or spiral stairways located either outdoors or indoors. These lifts are available only in certain regions and models may vary. Please contact us for further information.


Portable Lifts

Portable stair climbers from Garaventa Lift offer an instant wheelchair accessibility solution. There are two models. The Stair-Trac works for manual, cross-framed wheelchairs and the Super-Trac can handle larger, heavier powered wheelchairs. These products are typically delivered within a few days of placing an order. Requiring no building renovations, permits or licenses, portable stair climbers by Garaventa Lift are popular for both public and residential use.

Evacuation Chairs

When elevators and lifts are not available due to power outage or emergency, the Garaventa Evacu-Trac allows people with disabilities to safely evacuate. The Garaventa Evacu-Trac is easy to use, robust and safe. It is the only evacuation chair that features a speed governor and a fail-safe braking system.