Updates to the Gara PDO2 Adjustment and Service Manual

This is to announce important updates to the Gara PDO2 Adjustment and Service Manual # 80692 Rev A & B (currently posted).

Update # 1

The information shown on page 8 in section 2.2 Electrical Installation, beside the header “Important” and point #1 are in reverse order.

Section 2.2 Electrical Installation has been updated in #80692 Rev B (currently posted) to read:

Important:          Connect the 4-pin Black terminal plug of the harness provided to terminal T2 on the Door Operator PCB. The opposite end of the harness has a 4-pin White color terminal block. The White terminal block needs to be connected to elevator/lift controller. Refer to electrical drawing 24681-A-WD (Page #1 for Genesis and Page #2 is for CPL & HR) attached in the manual on page number A-14 and A-15).

*After connecting the T2 terminal plug on the PCB, turn on the elevator/lift controller and make sure the Green Power LED (installed on the left side of Door Operator PCB) must illuminated. Once the power LED is illuminated follow the next step.

  1. The battery terminal plug T4 is shipped disconnected from Door Operator PCB.

Connect battery terminal plug T4 to the Door Operator PCB.  (Terminal T4-1 has a Black wire and connected to negative terminal of the battery and T4-2 has a Red wire and connected to the positive terminal of the battery).  Check the F1 fuse for continuity.


Do not short out the F1 and F2 fuse under any circumstances. Always follow the proper connection sequence.

Update # 2

 Garaventa Lift has added Wiring Diagram 24681 Rev A to end of the schematic section of the manual pages A-14 and A-15. The wiring diagrams address the connection of the Gara Pro Door with Prudhomme Lock and Gara PDO2 (Genesis)  24681 Rev A page 1, and Gara Pro Door with Prudhomme lock and Gara PDO2 (CPL) 24681 Rev A page 2.


Please proceed to the Garaventa Lift Support Site and download the current version of the Gara PDO2 Adjustment and Service Manual 80692 Revision D.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.